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On Tuesday I had the pleasure of attending the preview of Schuh's latest collection in Kelly's Hotel in Dublin. As soon as I walked in the door, I was welcomed by not only the lovely girls from Schuh PR, but the tropical mass of shoes that filled the room. I have to say, I absolutely love the new collection! It was very different from the AW collection naturally, with sandals and vibrant colours dominating. I could definitely see that there was something for everyone out there, ranging from casual flats to crazy heels. 

As you can see, it appears the unusually shaped heel is here to stay- and I love it! The top left were one of my favorites, as the metallic blue almost reminded me of mermaids. These shoes are by a brand called Privileged, which are exclusive to Schuh this season, and at very affordable prices too. Colour blocking is still going strong this season and Schuh have really nailed the trend as you can see from some of the shoes above. I also love the attention to detail, like the gold buckles and chain ankle straps. 

However, if bright shades of blue aren't your thing, there was definitely a wide variety of more neutral toned shoes this season too. I think that those heels in the top two pictures are so dainty and glamorous! The animal print slipper like shoes are also super edgy and cute. My favorite pair of shoes in the collection are without doubt the patent black heeled sandals in the bottom right. As I'm sure you all know by know, I have an obsession with chunky black shoes, and I think these will look amazing with frilly socks in the Summer!

I got my nails done by NCLA at the event- how amazing are these nail wraps?! Not only that, but I bumped into a few of my favorite bloggers too- Rebecca from Bec Boop, Lily from Latest Lil and Gemma from Fashion Floor Fillers!

What do you think of Schuh's SS14 collection from the images above?
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