My Signature Scent; Lady Gaga "Fame"


Hey everyone,

Its always been said that there is a signature scent out there waiting for you to fall in love with, but the problem is, how to find it! It's no lie that Lady Gaga is my all time favorite singer, so when I heard she was releasing a perfume, it was the first thing on my Christmas list in 2012. By the following Christmas, I had completely ran out of the 50ml bottle, and I was desperate for a new one. Luckily enough, one of my friends bought me the 30ml set for my birthday on Friday! As well as the perfume, you receive a 200ml of Black Fluid shower gel.

According to experts, this perfume uses "push-pull techniques" rather than the traditional structure of perfumes. Perhaps its just jargon, but it sounds good to me! Notes of tiger orchid, apricot and honey are present. I personally think its dark, sensual and slightly fruity. It's not too musky but it has a really rich scent with a hint of the apricot and honey coming through. It's also the first perfume to be made of black fluid, which I thought was crazy when I bought it! Believe it or not, it sprays clear and soon becomes invisible. 

The packaging [as you can see above] is quite expensive looking. The gold lid is supposed to look like a claw, which reminds me of the symbol of Little Monsters worldwide ["paws up"]. It's very Gaga!

Have you got a signature scent?
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  1. I was surprised to see that this perfume has turned out to be such a hit amongst several of the elderly ladies around town. It is a good one, though, but for me, I'm all about different noires. Like Guerlain's La Petite Robe Noire, Chanel's Coco Noir and Bulgari's Jasmin Noir. Armani's Diamonds was a hit with me from the get go, and when Black Diamond released I absolutely had to have it.

  2. I just made a finding my signature scent post not too long ago! Haha! I loveee the smell of this, it's very mature but at the same time fun!

  3. This is a cool bottle actually! I really like the packaging, not too fond of the smell but to each their own... I actually love Obsession by Calvin Klein but a lot of people think it's awful!!

    BTW the blog looks great lil lady ;)


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