Unlikely Style Icon: Cher Horowitz from 'Clueless'


cher horowitz

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Hey everyone,

If I was to list everything I've done this Summer, it would mainly include:
1) spending 3 weeks at the hospital visiting my sister
2) watching Downton Abbey
3) becoming obsessed with 80s & 90s movies

One of those movies happens to be Clueless- a classic coming-of-age movie from 1995 starring Alicia Silverstone. I've watched it at least 3 times since discovering it this Summer, and I'm obsessed with the character Cher's style! Ok, I'll admit- the yellow tartan is a tad too much, but I adore the matching sets and the shape of her overall look- short skirts, cute jackets and knee high socks. I'm definitely going to be taking inspiration from Cher this Autumn/Winter, as two pieces and the tartan print are two trends that are still going strong! 

I've put together some pieces from across the high street that definitely channel Cher's look, whilst remaining totally wearable. 
clueless inspired fashion
clockwise l-r: New Look skirt, Oasis jacket, Oasis two piece set [shirt & shorts], Boohoo cleated mules, H&M cape, River Island feather fluffy bag, Boohoo slogan t-shirt [images from Polyvore!]

The skirt from New Look has been on my wishlist for ages- I love the blue & yellow colouring! Rather than a yellow two piece like Cher, I chose a yellow blazer instead- perfect for throwing over the tartan two piece that's also from Oasis. Cleated heel shoes are a favourite of mine, and I definitely feel Cher would approve of this option from Boohoo. I discovered this cape on H&M's website and it would certainly modernise this 90's look. Cher is famous for her fluffy pen, so I picked this super cute fluffy bag from River Island instead- it's so unique! Lastly, I could definitely imagine a modern day Cher Horowitz wearing a 'célfie' t-shirt, like this option from Boohoo.

Are you a fan of Clueless? Who is you 'unlikely style icon'?


  1. I've just discovered Clueless too! Cher's looks are so iconic especially the two pieces.
    I admit I am really quite obsessed with 80s and 90s movies too! I wish more movies were like them nowadays!

    Amalia x

  2. I love this post, the collage is pretty cool :)


  3. I love Cher, she's so fab!

    Emma xo | Missemmalouise12.blogspot.ie |

  4. I love this post, its absolutely spot on :) I remember becoming obsessed with Cher when I first watched it, and always wanted to be daring enough to try the tartan two piece - maybe now that co-ords are so in I might be brave! xo


    1. glad you like it, you should! I need to get my hands on a two piece asap

  5. Oh dear; I'm a bout to show my age now, Rachel, but I don't think there is anything unlikely about Cher Horowitz as a Style icon! I've lost track of how many times I have lost myself in this movie; I've been watching it for about 18 years at this point and everything bar the white clunky shoes still have a firm place in my heart!

    My favourite ensemble is the undersized sweater vest on top of oversized sheer blouse look. Swoon. Oh, Cher.


  6. I'm crying a little bit inside that this is the first time you discovered clueless. I remember going to the cinema when it first came out. There was then a tv show made after it, with equally beautiful clothes. This is literally how I dress though out my early teens

    1. Its so good! Haha Id love to see those pics.. :p

  7. I love clueless! It has always been one of my favourite films :D for my birthday party it was fancy dress and I went as Dion :p this wish list is perfect :)
    Tiana x

    1. Such a good idea haha, Id love to dress up as Cher!

  8. First of all - I absolutely love Downton Abbey, it's brilliant, isn't it? Second - I love this look and collage you've put together, I'd love to try out some of the inspired fashion choices. x



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