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Hey everyone!

A recent obsession of mine is- hand cream. After coming to the realization that my hands were very dry, I went out and bought some new hand lotion. For quite some time now, I had been applying a hand lotion that was too thick, too greasy and just unpleasant. The only reason I used it was because it was the only one available in my house that I could find! I recently read a comparison of different hand creams by Leanne Woodfull of Thunder & Threads and became really interested in the Soap & Glory 'Hand Food' review. I immediately went out to buy it! I couldn't find the full sized version so bought the travel sized one [50ml], as mentioned in that post, instead! At around €4, it was most definitely worth it.

The cream itself is typically white, and consistency wise, its not too thick nor thin. When applied you can feel a difference straight away! It moisturizes and softens your hands, as well as leaving them smelling divine. It's made with shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow! Heaven in a bottle. The packaging is insanely cute and kitsch. it looks super girly and quite retro!

This is without a doubt a product I will forever love, and definitely buy over and over again. That is, of course, I find a better hand cream- something i think will be quite impossible! A five star product.

swatches of the lotion
how soft my hands look now!

You can buy Hand Food online and in Boots in Ireland.

- Rachel x


  1. sounds good!I'm following u:) Visit mine too!

  2. I love soap and glory products <3 they are so awesome ..
    Im followin you now, pls have a look at mine :)

    1. I know right? I only own two products by them though ;p

  3. I love this product , I have like 4 tubes stocked up from sephora ! Lol


    1. haha, I'll say I'll be the same soon enough!


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