DIY Chanel T-Shirt


Hey everyone!
This is something I am SO excited to post about as I am in love with this gem already. Lately I have been drooling over the Chanel and Céline tshirts that have been all over the web, but of course, couldn't afford a real one. I immediately got out my fabric pen and got creating! Once inspired, ideas came to me right away.

This tshirt is unbelievable simple to make, however it is time consuming, so I suggest you ensure you have time to start and finish it! 

- Printout template of the Chanel logo [I used this one]-
- Textile Marker [from the Art & Hobby shop]

1. Printout a large copy of the Chanel sign & logo
2. Place the template under a white cotton tshirt. I recommend putting a magazine or something underneath the template so that the marker doesnt run through to the back!
3. Take your textile marker and carefully draw the outline of the sign and logo. You could also use a permanent marker or fabric paint.
4. Colour it in! [this part is veeeeery time consuming if using a marker, so I think fabric paint would be quicker]
5. Wear your Chanel tshirt with pride and pretend its real ;)

The finished product!

If you get stuck, here is a brilliant video to help!

If you decide to make one of your own, I'd love to see! I hope you enjoyed this post and that it somehow inspired you 


Look out for the t-shirt in action in one of my OOTD during the week! Stay tuned
- Rachel x


  1. Lovely idea Rachel! Wil definitely try it!


    1. thank you! If you do I'd love to see :)

  2. How cool is this?! I love the finished product, great DIY. I hope mine comes out like this if I try it. Now following you!

    1. Me too, it actually loves very authentic, Im proud to say! :p
      Thanks x

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