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Bonjour Bloggers! 

Today I thought I'd post something different to my usual cliche. For a change. I believe in being optimistic, although we all have our pessimistic times, including me! We're 'only human' as they say. There are times when I can feel a bit down in the dumps, or under the weather. Typical teenage moods probably! But it's almost impossible to feel upbeat and bright 24/7. 

So, today I'm posting exactly what the title and above picture state- 10 things that make me happy [and why!]
1. Music- Music is everywhere- it's beauty to our ears. I go everywhere with my ipod and earphones, and you'll constantly find me listening to music! I listen to different music depending on my mood. If I'm angry or annoyed, I'll pop on a bit of Paramore, or The Pretty Reckless. If things are a bit gloomy, I'll pour my heart out to some angsty Marina & the Diamonds or husky Lana Del Rey. Listen to your favorites [mine, Lady Gaga!] to real amp up your mood!

2. Reading my favorite book- Yes, I may have read it 3 times, but to me, there's nothing better than reading or reminiscing about my favorite book! Even just an extract, a page, or a paragraph can get me excited. At the moment, it's definitely got to be Catching Fire, the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy- [Finnick Odair is just too perfect of a fictional character ok!] 

 3. A hot cup of tea- Sounds SO cheesy and stereotypical Irish, but hey! I'm a big tea drinker- I swear I have at least 3 a day! [that's almost 21 a week.. woah]. I love coming home from school, getting out of my uniform and sitting down in front of the tea with a cuppa.

4. Blogging- of course! I thoroughly enjoy coming online and making posts like this. Reading people's responses to my hard work, and even taking pictures to adorn my posts- I'm proud to say blogging is a hobby of mine, and it really does makes me smile!

5. Dancing- I've been dancing for years now, and its not just the classes I take pleasure in- simply fooling around or practicing dance moves in my kitchen really gets my blood pumping and energy levels up. A hyper person is a happy person!

6. Family & Friends- Surrounding myself with people I love in calm, relaxed situations is always a favorite of mine. Whether it's watching a movie at a friends, or sitting down for dinner with the family, I always have a good laugh. 

7. Shopping- Ah, shopping. A bit of 'retail therapy' as I like to call it. Simply window shopping, browsing between rails, trying on outrageous outfits I can't afford nor would ever dare to buy, shopping is a firm favorite of mine to put me in a good mood.

8. Going to concerts- Although I don't often go, attending gigs is something I have a weakness for. What's not to love about seeing your favorite artist in a big [or small!] arena? The electric atmosphere, the people, the shouting, that elated feeling when it's over and you're feet feel like they're going to fall off.. LOVE IT!

9. Dogs- Ok, I think this is a firm favorite of everyone [unless you're scared of dogs?]. I adore my springer spaniel x collie, Misty. She's 3 years old and so naughty, but terribly affectionate and just so.. cuddly! I also admit I have a guilty pleasure of looking at cute puppies on the internet. Come on, how can you NOT like those pug puppies?

10. Food- Quite embarrassing to say, makes me feel like a bit of a fatty! But eating your favorite food, to me, is just unbeatable. It's only after do I sometimes feel a pang of guilt!

So that's it! One long post later. That is what makes me happy. What makes YOU happy? I'd love to know!
- Rachel x


  1. Loved that list! Some of the things makes me happy too every single day!
    I didn't know your blog until today and I really liked it!

    Arcanus Unknown

    1. nice to know someone agrees!
      aw thank you :)


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