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I'm quite proud of my bedroom, and I adore decorating it. I love adding personal touches here and there, as it really makes it feel special. A bedroom is a place of personal interest, somewhere that belongs to you. I love expressing my love for different things on my wall. I spend most of my time in my bedroom- I do my homework there, watch tv, do my nails, and of course, sleep! I moved to the downstairs room of my house last Summer after years with my sister. I immediately realised I had a knack for interior design! My room was featured in the 'Your Space' section of KISS magazine last year too, which was definitely a compliment after my hard work. So now, I take you on a tour of my bedroom!

from l-r: 1. my main wall consisting of a lady Gaga and fashion collage, 2. Gaga collage close up, 3. fashion collage close up, 4. second Gaga wall, 5. my mirror, Gaga calender and other little bits, 6. my tv & bookshelf, 7. my desk, 8. magazine & book collection, 9. accessories shelf and Gaga shrine[!], 10. close up of concert tickets, 11. my bed, along with my quirky pajama case!, 12. bracelet stand aka a limited edition coke bottle, 13. necklace stand, 14. my messy makeup drawer!, 15. nail polish drawer [around 55-60 polishes in there guys- thats alot!] and 15. skincare drawer.

So there you have it! I love my bedroom to pieces and wouldn't change it for the world. However I do change my fashion posters every season- wouldn't want last seasons fashion on my wall now, would I? :p

Last but not least, the feature in KISS magazines [December issue, 2012] of me and my bedroom.

Hope you like it!
-Rachel x


  1. Love your poster wall

  2. That's awesome you got featured! !
    xo jess


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