DIY Studded Headband


Hey everyone!

I haven't posted a DIY in yonks so I thought it was about time! Although this is something I created a while ago, I never got around to posting a tutorial. It's one of the simplest things I've ever made to be honest!

1. Taking a black bow hairbood, smoothen out the flaps so they're nice and flat.
2. Get out your studs- I bought mine for cheap as chips on eBay, they came from China so took a while to arrive but I got plenty in one pack!
3. In aligned rows, put your studs onto the bow neatly. I arranged mine in rows of fours, threes and twos. You can do whatever design you want though, really. Use a knife to flatten the prongs of the studs.
4. Flaunt your newly designed bow with pride!

Happy studding!

- Rachel x

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