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Hey everyone!

As you probably know it was St. Patricks day on Sunday. St.Patrick happens to be the patron saint of Ireland so there's always lots of parades etc. I, on the other hand, went to the cinema.. Let's just say it's not exactly my favorite holiday. Instead of going all out in emerald clothing and Irish flags painted upon my face, I decided to take a simpler approach to the seasonal tend by painting my nails green instead. Adorned with glitter, of course.

Products used:
NYC In A New York Colour Minute - shade high line green
Essence Nail Art Special Effect Topper - shade 02 circus confetti

I'm not a lover of the colour green anyways and this was typically the only green nail polish I had! The glitter topcoat is new however- I absolutely adore it, although 2 coats are required for a high shine.

Hope you like them! Did you do anything for St. Patricks day? Paint your nails green too, perhaps?
- Rachel x


  1. Hi Rachel, great post! - super cute blog too :)
    In reply to your comment on my blog (I know people don't often check back so I thought this would be easier), I use a Fujifilm FinePix S1800 which is a couple of years old now but I assume they still sell the updated versions - I got mine for £180 so it's a really cheap alternative to proper high tech camera and still takes pretty good pictures!


  2. thank you! I too have a fujifilm camera but I'm not sure what model, it definitely doesn't look as good as yours! Thank you :)

  3. cute!

    thanks so much for the IFB add…i’m now following you & you're fabulous!

    i hope you love my blog…it’s based in nyc –

    x Vittoria


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