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Today I bring you a post on woman's best friend- glitter nail polish. For a while now I've been contemplating my relationship with glitter nail varnish. Do I love it or hate it? Beautiful when applied but a nightmare to take off, I decided to weigh up the options before making my final verdict. 

As you can see clearly from the photo above, I own quite a number of glitter nail polishes- 8 to be exact. Before I get started I might as well show you them!
Essence nail art special effect toppers - l-r; shade hello holo, circus confetti, night in vegas

NYC expert last nail polish - gramercy glitz
Avon nailwear pro- gold

Sally Hansen complete salon manicure - downtown rubies
Angelica- exposure
Collection bedazzled nail effects- glittersweet

Moving on...
1. Glitter polish is a firm favorite of mine, purely because you can achieve a salon look within seconds. If I have no time for intricate nail art or I want a glam look in seconds, I'll instantly grab for a glitter polish. It's so quick and easy to apply!
2. It can change the look of your nails too. No more one colour talons, glitter nail polish can make your nails look more exciting. Try experimenting with different shades, densities and size- silver on silver, gold on nude- the list is endless!
3. Glitter never really has gone out of fashion, nor will it ever in my opinion! Nail polishes are continuing to improve and develop and I'm certain glitter polish will too. Its something that has the ability to grow whilst being bang on trend.

1. Ok, so we all know by now that glitter nail varnish is like mission impossible to remove. No matter how hard you scrub and rub there always seems to be one annoying flake left. I'm hoping this is something developers can somehow fix in the future!
2. Glitter polish is typically quite opaque, so a base colour is usually needed. Annoying when you only want glitter over nude nails, especially if you're like me [I hate bare nails].
3. Often times the glitter may look great in the bottle, but once applied you get a disappointing two or three flakes of glitter on your nails, so 2 or 3 coats are needed. Thick, gloopy nails are unwanted!


So thee you have it. 3 pros, 3 cons- that makes it an even yes/no choice. In my opinion, if the glitter is glam, wear it anyways and worry about the removal process later!

What are your thoughts on glitter nail polish? 
- Rachel x


  1. I agree with the pros and cons you said! I love wearing glitter nail polish but when I have to remove it, it's very difficult!

    Fashionably Sparkly

    1. yes I know right! I heard you can get some new type of peel off basecoat for glitter polish, I must try it!


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