Essie - No Place Like Chrome


I can't explain how much I love this polish! Yet another one of my freebies from the magazine. I've heard so much about the brand Essie but to be honest, up until now I'd never tried anything by them. I'm a schoolgirl on a budget ok!;p

So anyways, the brush itself is quite thick so only one slick of polish is needed for each nail. I only had to apply one coat- just one! It is so smooth and sleek and looks so shiny. Practically as good a minx nails, but half the price! I'm really impresed and definitely going to buy some more Essie polishes some time.

As you can see from the photo, I also applied some red dots in the corner, because frankly I was bored and wanted to shake things up a bit. The red is by NYC and I used a bobby pin to apply the polish, seeing as my dotting tools still hadn't arrived. (I have them now, woo!)

- Rachel x


  1. Cute nail art, I wish I could do crazy designs but I'm pretty useless so I mainly stick to glitter polishes as they require no skill :) Cool Blog, I'm following!!

    1. thank you very much! its easy after a while, practice makes perfect (:


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