DIY necklace stand/holder


I thought of this idea while cleaning out my room today. I had so many long necklaces just lying around, collecting dust on a shelf, because they wouldn't fit on my jewelry stand- and bam! The idea came to me.

What you'll need;
* a pinboard
* pins
* necklaces

Simply pin the necklaces to the board! If they are super long and wont fit on the board, I just folded the chain in half and put the pin through two of the chain links. Its best to have the board portrait/vertical for maximum length. You could decorate it too, by filling up empty spaces with glue on flowers or stickers, which is what I SHOULD of done seeing as this pinboard was old and had doodles on it ;p

Happy pinning!
- Rachel


  1. Your necklaces are so cute! The way you display your necklaces is really nice. I do that too sometimes on my bulletin board at my desk. Instead of pinning, my push pins are always in the same positions, and I sort of just hang my necklaces and bracelets on. (:

  2. Potter necklace! i really love your blog Rachel :) I'll keep reading... x


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