Shopping Haul - Tesco calling!


Hey everyone! Long time no post (well- a week)

So me and and mam decided to take an unscheduled trip up to Tesco Extra the other day, and there were some great special offers! We also got a head start on some gift buying (only 25 days guys!!) for dad and my sister, Sarah as there were amazing gift sets there! I spent literally ages deciding, there were so many different things to choose from.

ANYWAYS, back to what I bought. I ha been wanting to dye my hair (again, might I add) mahogony (again) for ageeees, so I decided to buy the same brand as last time, but with two boxes instead - my hair is immensely thick and doesn't take colour well.
I decided it was time to get back into my skinfare regime (yes, I had let myself go, Im sorry!) and I needed new moisturiser anyways, so Nivea was what I chose- I'm forever on a budget!
Lastly, I also bought some dry shampoo on sale- perfect for when I'm in a rush, especially on school days..
- Rachel x

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