Struggling To Get Smooth Summer Legs? Try Laser Hair Removal!


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As soon as Summer comes around, there's the dreaded realisation that your legs are as white as a sheet and you haven't shaved your legs in months (if you're anything like me anyways!). First up, I'm gonna talk about the colour. This can be alterted easily enough with fake tan or gradual tanner. I highly recommend the Dove gradual tanner, as you can reapply it daily for a natural glow. To avoid looking like a streaky mess, I would suggest exfoliating and shaving a day or two before. This is just so the tan doesn't seep into your open pores and give you brown spots.It also helps if you moisturise your legs really well, particularly your knees and ankles. I'm not going to lie- I'm not a big fan of false tan at all, and a gradual tanner is about as much tan as you'll get on me!   

Now on to the hair removal part- there are a few different options for this! I personally use a razor, which does the job but means continuous touch ups. Waxing is another option, although believe it or not I've never used wax before!

The third option is laser hair removal, and sk:n clinics seem to offer a brilliant option. Sk:n have been around for 20 years, working with experienced doctors and staff to make your skin feel better. Laser hair removal is a popular choice in their clinics. In all honesty, I've never tried it either, but after doing some research it sounds like the best option! It works by focusing a laser beam at the hair follicle which stops any growth. It can be used on any part of the body too! They recommend 6 sessions every 6 weeks to get maximum benefit. At sk:n, you can book a free consultation, and they also conduct a patch test for your safety. It's a damn pity they have no clinics in Ireland so the options out for me unfortunately, but if you're from the UK you can locate your nearest clinic here.

Have you ever tried laser hair removal? What are your top tips for smooth pins?

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