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Hey everyone,

Something I get asked quite a lot by friends and strangers a like, is how to get started on writing a blog. First up- I'm no expert. My blog is my hobby, but I've been writing it for over a year and a half now, believe it or not! There are times when I regret not starting it differently, or wish I knew certain pieces of information before starting mine. That being said, my life has been so much better since starting my blog! It's opened so many doors for me, and I've made some lovely new friends. Not only that, but my writing has definitely improved, along with my photography and graphic design! Here are my top 5 tips:
1. Start TODAY- If you're considering making a blog, try to to start it as soon as possible. If you're eager to start, you'll be eager to continue! Although it's your blog, and you can post when you like, it's best to start some regularity from the start. When you have a free day, sit down and jot down some ideas about what you'd like the name to be. Think about what you'd like to blog about too. My name is quite general as I didn't want to be tied down to one subject! Make sure your name is available, and look for some free themes online. 

2. Create social media accounts for your blog- I personally believe a blogger's social media presence can say a lot about them as a person, and it's nice to know a blogger behind the blog! Create a twitter, instagram and/or facebook account using your blog name or something similar. Mine are all 'oh hey there rachel', minus my twitter account (0mgrachel) as it was too long! If you're thinking of creating a fashion blog, I highly recommend as it has some brilliant tips and its great for connecting with other bloggers. 

3. Participate in twitter chats- This is partially linked to my second tip. There are weekly blog chats on twitter for numerous different topics, and its great for sharing your link, finding new blogs/brands to connect with and learning new tips! There's a calendar of some of the chats on this blog here.

4. Spell check!- Have a read through your post before publishing it, as you might have accidentally misspelled something along the way. We all have mishaps, heck I've probably got a good few running through my blog, but it's hard to read something with bad grammar!

5. Be yourself- This is one is probably a bit of an obvious one, but I felt the need to say it! Try to make your content as unique as possible. We can all gain inspiration from one another, but there's only so many reviews of the Naked palette one can read!
So there you have it! My top 5 tips. Please remember, there are no real rules to blogging- you make the rules! I hope these tips help someone. If you've recently made a blog, leave your link below and I'll definitely check it out.
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