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Hey everyone,

Apologies for the quietness here lately at Oh Hey There Rachel, this week has been particularly busy! From essays to mother's day and then a Divergent filled weekend [a fan event and a preview screening of the movie- it's AMAZING!] I've been up to my eyes with work. 

If you don't know, I'm a bit of a nerd in all honesty, and the Divergent trilogy is one of my favorites out there. You might remember how I met the author last November [if not, read about it here], so when I heard a local bookshop was hosting a fan event on Saturday I was first to sign up. The prize was tickets to see Divergent [yesterday], and wow, it definitely lived up to my expectations. The movie remained true to the book throughout and the cast were amazing. I'd highly recommend you read the book before seeing the movie, when it hits Irish theaters this Friday.

I picked up these Zara cigarette style trousers for €3 in Siopaella a few weeks ago, but I'd been waiting for the right time to wear them. They just scream elegance to me! I paired it with a classy peplum top and black wedges.

Peplum top- Lavish Alice
Trousers- Zara, thrifted
Shoes- River Island
Necklace- vintage
Clutch- vintage
Bracelet- gift
Faux fur coat- Debenhams

Will you be seeing Divergent soon? What do you think of cigarette trousers? 
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  1. oh wow, that top os gorgeous. I didn't even notice the leather sleeves till I saw the close up picture. never heard of lavish alice before. Can't wait to see Divergent myself, sounds like you'd the best time.


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