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Hey everyone,

It's been a while since I last did a DIY post, and after sitting around sniffling with a cold all afternoon I decided to look up a few DIY posts on Pinterest. I was inspired to make a chain headband, although I knew it would probably look a bit strange with my fringe. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Victoria Justice have all been seen rocking a chain headband, so after some fiddling about, I made my own!

You will need: a long chain necklace, a shorter chain necklace, a scissors, tweezers and a charm

1. Take the shorter chain and measure it over the top of your head, as if going over a middle parting. Leave some chain on your forehead, and cute the chain at the middle of the back of your head using a scissors or a pliers. Be careful!
2. Taking the skinnier/longer chain, measure from the middle of your forehead around the side of your head towards the back. let it drape a bit so it's not too tight. Cut and repeat on the other side.
3. Using a small circle chain link, which I cut off the end of the necklace's fastener, open it using your tweezers and one by one put the chains in it in order as it will be across your head! Close it with the tweezers and repeat on the other side, but don't close it yet.
4. Now for the charm! I used this old one off a necklace but you could use an old earring if you wanted to too. Place it into the circle chain link that will be at the front of your head, and close.
And now you're done! Embrace your inner goddess just in time for festival season.
modeled by my wonderful sister and blog photographer Sarah
Will you be making a chain headband any time soon?
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  1. Love this DIY, I'm definitely going to try it out :) I nominated you for the inspirational blog award. You can see the details in latest post :)
    Tiana x


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