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Hey everyone,

As you probably know by now, I am a nail art fanatic. I'm not ashamed to say I own too many nail polishes, and I never go a day without my nails painted. Of course, I do have a day or two here and there to let my nails breathe, but 99% of the time my nails are adorned with designs. I get alot of comments from people both here on my blog AND in the real world, asking how I do my nails. Alot of people tell me they simply can't do nail art, so I decided to create a new series on the basics of nail art. 

First things first: you will not become a nail art wonder woman after reading these next two posts. I've been practicing the intricate art of nail art for about 4 years now, and I'm still learning. Practice makes perfect, and over time your weaker hand will get stronger. I'm right handed, but my left hand is very steady at this stage. Another little note to add- I am no expert! I'm simply sharing my tips and tricks.
• I would recommend getting into the habit of applying a base coat before painting your nails, as it prevents your nails from getting stained and provides a smooth surface for you to paint on. I'm currently using Essence studio nails base coat, although I wouldn't say it's amazing in all honesty!

• A top coat is also vital for keeping your designs in place. There's been many a time that I've woken up to chipped nails the morning after spending 30 minutes painting them- not fun!

• For basic designs, a dotting tool is perfect. I bought a pack of 5 on eBay for around €1, just search 'dotting tools' and loads of options will come up. If not, there are plenty of homemade options to choose from. The end of a bobby pin, a toothpick and a used up ballpoint pen are all great alternatives!

• Another extremely useful tool is a double nail art pen. I bought a pack of 8 for €15 in Hairspray but they are quite easy to find- I know Harrods sell them and a few drugstore brands sell solo ones! These are perfect for drawing tiny designs with the nib, and stripes with the thin brush. I would recommend a black and a white one to start off with, as they pretty much go with anything.


Above are a few simple designs I drew out on paper. All of these can be accomplished with the tools listed! You can also check out some of my previous simpler nail designs for inspiration here, here and here.
There you have it! The basics to nail art. My next post in the series will be about more intricate designs, so stay tuned!

Will you be trying your hand at nail art any time soon?
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  1. I love nail art but am a total novice my attempt at stamping was hilarious but I'm going to keep trying because it's fun. Need to atop buying polishes though'

  2. I really want to try doing nail art so I found this post very useful! x


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