Easter/Spring Pastel Aztec Nail Art Tutorial


Hey everyone,
I can't believe Easter is almost upon us already! 2014 is flying by at this stage. I actually did these nails last week and I can't get over how pretty they are. They're quite complicated, so I'd definitely suggest setting aside time if you decide to try them out! I was told they look like Easter eggs, hence the title. I can't wait to open an Easter egg on Sunday, although truth be told I've already had one or two.
Myself and my family are taking a much deserved break next week and we're heading to Galway for a few nights. If you have any shop recommendations, leave them below and I'll check them out when I'm there!

You Will Need;
- white, pastel purple, blue and lemon nail polish
- nail art brushes
- black nail art pen

I find it best to apply a basecoat before painting my nails, and a topcoat after. The basecoat stops the polish from staining your nails, and the topcoat will make it last longer and appear glossier. I use an Essence basecoat, and an Essence topcoat.

1. Paint your nails with two coats of your chosen white polish so it's opaque.
2. Taking a nail art brush, apply blue stripes in different directions on your nails as shown above.
3. Repeat again with the pastel purple polish, like in the picture above.
4. And again with your lemon polish! By now your nails should be 80% coloured in with only some white visible.
5. The last and trickiest part is applying the aztec design with the black nail art pen. This certainly requires patience! You can make up your own design or you can replicate mine;

And there you have it! Pretty pastel nails in time for Easter.

Are you as excited to eat lots of chocolate this weekend as I am?
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