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Hey everyone,

It's quite ironic that I'm wearing my Haim t-shirt in this outfit as I'm going to see them next Monday in the Olympia! This will be my second time seeing them live and I'm beyond excited. I shot these photos a few weeks back but completely forgot about them. I'm still loving my mom jeans, and think I might venture into the world of boyfriend jeans soon. There's just something extra appealing about baggy jeans lately! Perhaps it's because they're so comfortable. I dug out my Inglot purple lipstick recently, as I was a huge fan of it last Spring. It mightn't be everyone's cup of tea, but it's certainly mine. 

Jacket- Penneys/Primark
Jeans- Penneys/Primark
T-shirt- Haim gig
Shoes- Dr. Martens
Bag- New Look
Lipstick- Inglot
song title- 'don't save me' by haim
What do you think of purple lipstick?
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  1. Love love love this look and your hair looks incredible :D

    Hannah xxx

  2. Love hair hope you have a good time! This lipstick is so cool :)
    Tiana x

  3. loving this outfit and ofcourse loving haim ;)

  4. frackin' love this look, anything haim based! wish i could pull off mom jeans without looking like. an elephant on its hind legs..


  5. Love the purple lip :) probably my favourite detail of the outfit! x

  6. love your style! :)


  7. Hey may I ask what size you got the Haim tshirt in? also is it girls or unisex? I purchasing one online and i'm not sure what size to get. You seem to have a similar shape to me so was just curious.


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