Wet N' Wild Hits Ireland- Haul & First Impressions


Hey everyone, 

I realise I'm about a week late to share the news, but I'm delighted to say that the renowned American brand Wet N' Wild has hit Irish shores! I think it's brilliant that brands are coming to Ireland- first Sleek, now Wt N' Wild. As soon as I seen the countless tweets, I rushed out to get a few items. Although most of the lipsticks were gone [you know how much I love my lipsticks- sigh], I did pick up a few items that were well required. Seeing as I've only had these less than a week, I thought I'd write about my first impressions rather than a full on review on each item.

Megasticks Balm Stain in shade E127 'A Stiff Pink'- €3.99
Ok, I'm going to be completely honest here- I've never tried a chubby stick/lip crayon. I've just never really felt like I had to, and lipsticks will always be my main love. I was intrigued as this promises to be a moisturising balm and a lip stain! I've only used this twice; once on my lips, once to watch on my arm. The swatch on my arm took endless scrubbing to come off, proving the stain really does last. When applied on my lips, I was a bit irritated that it doesnt really come out the shade it looks. As you can see in the photo above, it looks like a bright baby pink, however applied it looks more fuschia. I'll give it another few go's before making a decision!

Wild Shine Nail Colour in E417F 'Eggplant Frost' & E414A 'Red Red'- €1.99
I've been in need of a new red and purple polish lately, and these two caught my eye. Eggplant Frost is a beautiful shimmery purple, and Red Red is definitely a blue based red. I have yet to wear these on my nails, but I did swatch them on some false nails, and the colour pay off looks amazing! For €1.99, I doubt you can go wrong.

Megaclear Brow & Lash Mascara
As I've mentioned recently, since changing my fringe up my eyebrows are on show, so I've been making more of an effort with them to make them look more respectable. I watched a few youtube videos, and it seems alot of beauty gurus recommend using a brow gel. I can't remember the price of this one, but it was definitely cheap! I've been using this all week and I love it already- it keeps my brows in place, without leaving them feeling 'crispy'. Bargain!

Overall, I'm thoroughly impressed so far, and I will definitely be heading back for more. Wet N' Wild cosmetics are stocked in Dunnes Stores throughout the country. 
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  1. The lip stains do stay really don't they?! Agree with the loads of scrubbing!!

  2. The stuff is a bargain, I've been using the mega last polish and love it!

  3. If they are available, I highly recommend the eyeshadow trios and quads! They are great quality as a very low price.


    1. Ive heard theyre great, Ill definitely be trying them out x

  4. Still not entirely sold on the buzz but you're first impressions were great. I think I'll avoid the lip pencil but the nail polishes are going to get a serious testing.

    1. thanks alot! yeah they're brilliant so far.. x

  5. I got the same colour in the lip crayon, Love it even though I know what you mean about the colour being slightly off... The lipsticks are great from Wet N Wild, I've gotten 3 already and for 2.99 you can't really go wrong! :)



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