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Hey everyone,
It's no lie that Elie Saab is one of my favorite designers. Back when my blog was an innocent young child, I wrote a not-so-good piece on his 2013 collection [however, this is post is nowhere to be found.. luckily]. The princess inside me dies a little inside every time he releases a new couture collection, and this season was no exception.
I always like to think if I was to walk down the red carpet next week, a Saab dress is what I'd be wearing. I'm not sure if its the diamonds that make me die a little inside, or maybe the flowing material and vivid colours. One thing's for sure- he never fails to disappoint me. Something that's a reoccurring feature on an Elie Saab catwalk is the transition of different colours. Almost each collection starts off with one shade, and slowly but surely moves onto another. Each colour group contains numerous different dresses in different shapes and sizes. Although alot of them are similar, no two [in my eyes anyways!] are the same. This year, pastel pinks, metallic golds, sapphire blues and black were among the collection. Does it sound like it could work? Possibly not. But it does.
Here are some of my favorites;
images all from style.com
The off-white number on the left is not typically something I'd choose, I honestly can't even remember a time when I wore all white! But this dress is breath taking. It's almost a very pale, very pastel shade of lilac, if you look close enough. The floral applique is truly stunning. The cerulean blue dress is probably my favorite of the lot. I adore the sheer fabric at the bottom, and the off the shoulder effect adds a hint of sexiness to an otherwise glamorous dress. The black & rainbow dress is quite different from the rest of the dresses  in the collection, which is why I like it. There's just something about it that catches my eye- it reminds me of marshmallows and paint and dark fairytales. The black number is also beautiful too. Again, flowers, jewels and sheer fabric are present, but I love the faded grey and white at the bottom.
The detail is so intricate overall, and the collection itself is breathtaking in my eyes. Thumbs up from me, Mr. Saab!
What do you think of this collection debuted in Paris a few days ago? Ar you a fan of the man himself?
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  1. Love the collection! Great post!
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    Kisses♥ from the Dominican Republic,


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  2. It was so beautiful! Such an amazing show, the fabrics were just insane! They played Beyonce too which was just the icing on the cake, the bridal gown was stunning! I completely agree that if I was to walk to red carpet I would hands down choose Elie Saab!x

  3. Wow I love this collection, elie Saab is one of my favourite designers as well :) have you seen the Chanel couture collection?
    Tiana x

  4. Totally with you on the love for Ellie Saab, I swooned a bit when I saw the full collection. Want. It. All.


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