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Hey everyone,

Ok, so I finally did it. Buh-bye full fringe! I've had a full fringe since my very first haircut. I loved it, I still do, but I've always wanted to change things up a little. Starting this blog has really boosted my confidence, and as soon as the new year rang in I finally came upon the brave decision to get it cut. I'm not growing it out completely, and who knows, maybe the fringe will return! But for now, I'm really happy with how my hair turned out. I want to keep the length in my hair and grow it out long, but it's super thick so layers are a necessity. I get my hair cut by Niamh at The Style Club on North Earl Street, Dublin [for anyone interested] and I highly recommend it. The staff are some of the nicest I've ever met, and the interior is amazing! Funky lights, bright walls and massaging chairs.. Utter bliss. 

Moving on, I picked up these shoes for a mere €6 in the New Look sale. I think it's safe to say I own enough chunky black shoes to last me a lifetime, but I simply couldn't resist!

Skull sweater- Catch Clothing
Jeggings- Penneys/Primark
Shoes- New Look
Shirt [underneath]- Penneys/Primark

Will you be changing up your hair this year? Let me know what you think of my decision!
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  1. love your hair with or without your fringe! you're gorgeous and those shoes are to die for! wish I could pull them off x

  2. Fab shoes, I miss New Look so much since moving to Australia x Yazmine

  3. love your shoes, I so need a pair of platform sneakers, they're so versatile
    She Has The Eye
    Deejay is a Poet

  4. Love the look! Your hair looks amazing!!



  5. Love the jumper and the shoes! xo


  6. i love your jumper girlie!!looks great with that collar peeking out too!:)xx


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