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Hey everyone,

One of my new years resolutions is to spend more time taking and editing photos, so hopefully I stick to it! I've read alot of books over the Christmas holidays, and I plan to read 50 books this year [wish  me luck!]. Although I read the book Looking For Alaska by John Green during the Summer, I was randomly inspired to paint my nails like the book cover;


I would highly recommend the author John green- although Looking For Alaska wasn't one of my favorites, his other books are extremely well thought out and meaningful. Moving onto the nails;

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-Rachel x
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  1. Fantastic nail art! ♥

  2. Your nails are fab Rachel
    Clodagh from Here Comes Clo x

  3. Love the nails! Been wanting to try out a daisy design nail art for ages, you've done a really good job :)
    Kristina xx

  4. xxSosososo pretty, i wish i had the patience!
    love victoriajanex

  5. Fabulous nail art! I love gaining nail art inspiration from everyday things! I hope you meet your reading goal this year, too - I have a pile of books to start working on, myself!


  6. Lovely blog! Nice nails! I have a discount coupon for bornprettystore if you want :) Quote "SST10" for 10% additional discount :) Love, Shabana

  7. I love your nails, they look so pretty! :) xx


  8. Ah I love that book! Your nails look SO cool like that! Will have to try this at some point! xo


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