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Hey everyone,

Its been a while since I've written a review so i thought I'd finally hit one up whilst taking a break from studying. I have exams all next week and I've done very little in preparation.. In other news, Haim were rad on Friday! I had the best time EVER, it was amazing to finally see them live and meet them again afterwards. I put lots of pictures up on my instagam @ohheythererachel if you're interested!

Moving swiftly along, when I heard the Sleek had finally arrived in Ireland [and in my nearest Boots too!] I was really excited. I've heard alot about the budget brand and couldn't wait to get my hands on something. I chose one of their famous i-Divine eyeshadow palettes in "Original". I was not disappointed!

Sleek Makeup are a UK brand and their eyeshadow palettes are described as "12 shades of super-pigmented, longlasting, mineral based eyeshadow, designed to suit all". I chose this palette not only because it was their original palette, but because the shades were all versatile, not too showy and shimmery [bar one matte black]. I'm not a huge fan of matte eyeshadows, and I'm still on the hunt for ones that actually don't disappear 2 hours later! The shades in this palette vary from rose gold, blues and greens. 

I absolutely adore this palette! My favorite shade has got to be the pink-rose gold shade, third on the bottom. I also love yellow-gold for the corners of my eyes, once applied lightly. The copper shade looks gorgeous in the crease. I've yet to venture out wearing either of the green shades as green is my least favorite colour, but I'm sure I'll try them at some stage. The shadows are so pigmented, I honestly wasn't expecting them to be that rich. With a primer they last for hours, and I find without a primer they don't. Surprisingly enough, the matte black is actually more pigmented then I expected, and I've been using it on m outer V alot lately. Overall, Sleek have definitely impressed me and I've already gone out and bought their celebrated contour kit! For only €9.99 in Boots [and online!] this gem is worth every penny. 

Do you like Sleek? Have you used any of the i-Divine palettes?

-Rachel x

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