2013 Roundup #2; Events & Highlights


Hey everyone,

Following my latest post with my roundup of outfits from 2013, I'm back with a recollection of events that occured this year. When I look back, it was pretty exciting and I did alot of fun things! I've grouped together such events under three headings;

Celebrity Encounters;

For some reason, 2013 appeared to be the year that I bumped into a good few celebs, mostly accidental. I won tickets to the Safe Haven premiere and met Josh Duhamel, Julianne Hough and Nicholas Sparks at the book signing I hadn't intended on attending. I met Alexander Ludwig, Cato from The Hunger Games [eeek!] at a fashion show, which was completely bizarre. I met Veronica Roth at a signing of her latest book Allegiant, although we weren't allowed get a photo, so I took a sneaky one as shown above. I met Jack Reynor, star of What Richard Did, at a film premiere. I also received Sam Claflin's autograph in the post [Finnick from Catching Fire- I almost died].

However my favorite of all has to been when I met Haim twice [once last May, once in December]. These girls have truly made my year really special, not just with their music but with their kindness. I've also met some amazing friends this year because of them, so thank you Haim!

Blog Awards Ireland 2013;

To my complete and utter disbelief, I was lucky enough to be a finalist for Best Youth Blog in the Blog Awards Ireland. I hadn't even been blogging one year, which was amazing for me! I had a brilliant time at the event- the dinner was lovely, there was a lovely atmosphere and a gorgeous hotel. I also got to meet some fellow bloggers [Megan, Rebecca & Shannon], which was also fab. Although I didn't win, I didn't care because it was an amazing experience! Here's hoping 2014 brings another nomination- how exciting would that be?!


From around September onward, I received a couple of invitations to press events, which I really appreciate and thoroughly enjoyed. I attended the OohLaLa magazine launch and met fellow bloggers Leanne Woodfull, Hannah Hawkshaw and Ciara O'Doherty. I attended alot of the events at the Dublin Fashion Festival, which was also a great experience. Although my plans for volunteering there fell through, I had a great time at the launch and various fashion shows. I went to the Vichy Idealia Life Serum launch- a new type of event for me, as I had yet to attend a beauty related event. That was also fab, and so pink! I atteded the Schuh AW13 Press Launch, and my aunt's short film premiere.

Overall, 2013 was an exciting year, and although it had it's ups and downs, it was one of the best years of my life. I've made alot of new friends and been through alot of new experiences. Here's hoping 2014 is even better! I also have a very exciting business venture planned for 2014; my own brand called RCouture Nails! I will be designing hand painted false nails for reasonable prices. Check out here for more info or you can visit the store here.

Happy New Year!

-Rachel x

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  1. Brilliant blog post, how did you meet Veronica Roth? You lucky girl! (I read Allegiant over Christmas and just cried for a day or two) Happy New Year :) x

  2. Awesome blog!! Happy New Year!!
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