OOTD- Sequins & Fluffy Sweaters


Hey everyone,

So I bought this outfit for Christmas day, and as you can tell by the date, it is not Christmas day yet. The sequins were too hard to resist, captivating me and screaming *wear me!* in my wardrobe. I've never felt so much anticipation to wear.. a skirt? But as you can see from the photos below, this isn't just any skirt. This is a skirt full of glam sophistication with just the right amount of sparkle. And lets not forget about the pink fluff jumper. This style of sweater has been seen worn by many, however I've never really felt the urge to buy one. When I seen this electric fuchsia one in New look, we clicked, and I caved.

I wore this outfit to a Christmas family get-together, so technically it was quite Christmassy indeed. My Schuh boots have proved to be my faithful friend this season. I honestly can't believe there's only 12 days until Christmas, I still have [too much] shopping to do! I'm off to see Haim tomorrow, which I'm excited for as I last met them 7 months ago. I'll hopefully upload pictured to my Instagram so make sure you're following @ohheythererachel for the latest updates. 

Sweater; New Look
Skirt; River Island
Tights; Penneys/Primark

Do you buy an outfit especially for Christmas Day?

-Rachel x

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  1. I just adore that skirt! It looks amazing on you

  2. Such a cute jumper, the colouring is great on you! I'm a massive sucker for pink so I NEED it! haha!


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