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Hey everyone,

As a lover of Winter and nails, I've decided to bring the two together and share with you 5 of my favorite nail polish shades for Winter. Some of these polishes are long term favorites, and others I've just discovered. I'm pretty sure all of these nail polishes are to still available to buy, and better yet? They're all under €5 and available on the highstreet!

l-r avon, nyc, hairspray, barry m, essence

I adore all shades of berry during the A/W season, and this shade is just perfect. Once applied, it's so dark it almost looks black from afar! It's beautifully rich and super shiny. I think this shade looks best applied very, very careful, as any mistakes or smudges can make it look tacky. As soon as its starts to chip, [which is usually 3 days after with this polish] I remove it, as I can't stand dark, chipped nails! This plum colour will suit all skintones, and it's perfect for a night out. I find it a bit sheer, so a few coats are needed to really get it opaque.

Everyone loves a good red at Christmas- it's basically the shade of the season, every single year! I quite prefer a red with a shimmer through it, which is why I bought this shade. I used this red for my lace nails here. It's definitely more of a blue toned berry red, and very versatile! The brush is a bit too slim for my liking, and it doesn't last very long without chipping, but I love using this with a glitter topcoat for a super festive look.

3. Gold- Hairspray Cosmetics [shade unknown, Irish store]
I've mentioned Hairspray a few times on my blog, without really explaining why you probably can't find them anywhere online! Hairspray is an Irish store that specialises in hair extensions, however they do also have an extensive range of nail art supplies for brilliant prices. I adore this glittery gold as although it's sheer like most glitter polishes, its quite buildable and looks great as an accent nail, or paired with black.The glitter particles are tiny so it looks particularly shimmery and fabulous!

4. Matte Black- Barry M [mnp 1]
Returning back to what's considered 'trendy' this season, matte black has been all over the blogging world lately, and I actually found it pretty difficult to get a matte nail polish on the highstreet! The only one I could find was this one by Barry M. This polish is very sheer, so two coats are definitely needed. I also found that after 2 days, the polish loses its 'matte-ness' and starts to become very shiny. I'm no expert, but I think this might have something to do with your nails natural oils. If you're looking for something different this season, I'd definitely suggest going matte!

In my opinion, Christmas just isn't Christmas without a bit of sparkle. I've had this Essence polish for over a year now and it's my go-to glitter polish. It goes with every shade, and the holographic particles look amazing under the light. As always, glitter polish is a nightmare to remove, but I definitely believe it's worth it if you want a longer manicure or want to glitz up your look. Deck your nails with lots off glitter this Christmas!

What's your favorite nail polish for Winter? Will you be trying any of these?

-Rachel x

*P.S- Thinking of giving back this Christmas? Check out SilverBells, a charitable gift run by the Beaumont Hospital Foundation from Dublin. SilverBells is a very simple concept: people can order the bells online and leave a message for the person they wish to send it to. The foundation takes the message, puts it in a red Christmas card and sends the card with the bell to a variety of locations worldwide. Visit their website here to find out more;
**I am mentioning this charity as I was notified about it and I believe it is a great cause.

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  1. great post, need a deep purple nail color now - that one is very pretty.


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