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Without a doubt, fashion and Lady Gaga are my two ultimate obsessions in life, so I was ecstatic when I seen Versace's latest campaign featuring my favorite songstress. The campaign features the eclectic woman herself relaxing on a lilac sofa sporting Versace gear. The straight, platinum blonde hair makes her resemble Donatella Versace a bit too much! I personally think she looks flawless, with minimal makeup and wearing beautiful clothes. Versace are one of my favorite designer brands, and their S/S'14 collection is bound to blow my mind. 

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Gaga recently released her new album ARTPOP on November 11th, featuring a song dedicated to the Versace diva herself, Donatella Versace. The name of the song? Donatella of course!

"Check out I'm blonde.. I'm skinny.. I'm rich.. and I'm a little bit of a bitch"

As celebrity endorsements go, I think this one is definitely my favorite this year. They couldn't of picked a better person, as Gaga has been seen wearing Versace numerous times over the past few years. It shows she loves the brand, and believe me, if I had the money I would definitely be buying that stunning lilac dress above. The Donatella resemblance is a bit.. scary? 

What do you think of Versace's SS'14 Campaign?

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