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Hey everyone,

After hearing so much hype about Lush Cosmetic's Christmas products, I finally gave in and bought a few items. Although I do love the odd Lush bath bomb, I've never been the type of person to go in and buy loads. I've heard that this smells quite like Snow Fairy, but I wasn't convinced enough to buy a whole bottle of it! So I settles for the Candy Mountain bubble bar instead- a girly, fairy-like cone of delight. As soon as I seen this little gem, I wanted to buy it. The pink and white swirls, and a silver sheen bright enough for any glitter lover made me realise why people love Lush! It just looks so cute, and I had to remind myself to snap a few pictures before rushing to take a bath and use it straight away.

Although I find scents quite hard to describe, from what I can recall this smells like sweets and candyfloss and Christmas all rolled in one. For those of you who don't know, you crumble the bubble bar under hot water and it creates big bubbles in your bath. By big, I mean HUGE. In all honesty, it was the most amount of bubbles I have had in one bath in my life! It also turned the bath bright pink and glittery- exactly what I expected. 

I will definitely be repurchasing this nearer to Christmas, along with more Lush items! This quirky delight retails at just over €3.

Have you tried Candy Mountain? What Lush products will you be buying this season?

-Rachel x

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  1. Would love to see the colour of this in the bath! xx

  2. Aww that sounds sooo lovely! I want one, big bubbles and glitter, what more can you ask for? :)


  3. I absolutely love Lush, I literally want everything!! Candy Mountain looks amazing :-) xxx


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