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Hey everyone!
Sorry about the lack of recent posts. I had planned to go to a €4 second hand designer sale on Sunday, and also queue some blog posts, but I passed out Sunday morning and was ill all day. Terrifying, seeing as I have a phobia of fainting! -Sigh-

On the brighter side of things, I'm feeling alot better today but taking it easy. Time to get blogging!

The perspex trend is a very daring one. At first when I seen these transparent accessories ruling the runway, I was a bit dubious. Why on EARTH would I want people snooping on my items or having a peep at my feet? 

Rules of perspex;
1. Try not put valuable items such as an iPhone on view- unless you want to get robbed!
2. Perhaps keep the 'embarrassing' items at home..

How to wear perspex [safely!];
1. If you have a clear bag, try a nude coloured pouch inside to store valuables and your bits and bobs.
2. OR, if you're rocking some coloured plastic, match the purse/pouch to the bag. Experiment with colours!

The Catwalk says;

Perspex heels at Chanel~ Bags unknown

I say...

Dare to wear perspex?

Block, Studded sandals:, Gucci

Pink handbag$20 -, Patrizia Pepe floral necklace$145 -

My 11 year old sister (Sarah!) says...

-Rachel x

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  1. Seems it is in trend now! The same type Furla candy bag is candylicious!Ur sissy looks pretty:)



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