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Hey everyone!
As an avid magazine reader, I decided I would showcase some of my favorite magazines- a mixture of Irish, British and International. I am literally obsessed with magazines- I buy about 3/4 a month! There's nothing better than flicking through the glossy pages of a fashion bible, lusting over clothes I can't afford and beauty trends I'm desperate to try. Without these little gems, I'd probably be clueless in the world of fashion! 

Seeing as I read as many magazines as I do, I'm quite the critic on which ones I like and which ones.. not so much. Although the below are my favorite, some do have their faults!

As you can clearly see from the picture above, KISS magazine is my all time FAVORITE magazine. I have been collecting since August 2010 and not one issue has left my bedroom. I don't believe in throwing out a good magazine- you never know when you might need it! KISS happens to be Ireland's only teen magazine, and at only €2.49 its very popular over here among us teen fashionistas. The clothes they showcase are of course, all Irish and all in euro prices- really handy compared to when I'm reading a British magazine in sterling prices! Not only is it packed with everything fashion and beauty, but the staff at KISS HQ are all so nice too. I was lucky enough to be featured in KISS twice [read my post here]. I'm also doing work experience with them in August, I can't contain my excitement!

I can't not mention the magazine that changed the lives of fashion hopefuls everywhere! Vogue is the magazine i turn to where I can catch up with the latest couture and hits on the runway. I can long for over-prices things and wonder about the eccentric makeup and photography. I find that there's more pictures than writing, so its not a magazine I buy too often- especially since it's €6 a go!

Elle is a magazine I associate with Vogue, purely because of the similar advertisements and covers. However, I actually prefer the articles in Elle! I find them a bit more relatable and well written. I love the style and elegance of it though! Still a bit pricey for me however.

I adore Ireland's newest fashion and beauty magazine. It's base on a TV show of the same on TV3, that's on every day with the latest fashion news. When I heard they were producing a magazine, I was so excited because I religiously watch the show! Luckily, it lived up to my expectations and has definitely become a favorite of mine. Quite like KISS, but aimed more towards adults. However, the cheap and chic fashion showcased in it and newest beauty products are to die for!

Probably my favorite British magazine, Company never fails to disappoint me. I think my favorite thing about is it's quirky and unique layout. It's quite a small magazine, but the doodles and finished inside the not-so-glossy pages are really charming. I love how they feature bloggers every once and again, and the latest music artists. Definitely a great magazine for variety! [*PS- the Company Style Blogger Awards have arrived, and although I wasn't nominated *cries* two of my favorite IRISH blogs Thunder & Threads and Tarmartales made the cut! Vote for them here and fly the Irish flag*]

Of course, there are so many other magazines I enjoy reading, like Stellar and Glamour. Magazines are my bibles!

What do you think? What are your favorite magazines?
-Rachel x


  1. I LOVE MAGAZINES! I always have one near me to read every night :)
    I love getting international magazines, but they are very expensive so I get them when there is someone that I like on the cover :) I love Teen Vogue, Nylon, L-INK (an Spanish publication) and Grazia and of course British Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle... I can't find Company in my country but I think that it would be one of my favorites too :)

    Fashionably Sparkly

    1. Maybe you could try online? I LOVE IT! Magazines are so beneficial for us fashion lovers ;)

  2. Magazines.. that's where I always look for Inspiration. My favorite number one fashion magazine is off course VOGUE!
    Lovely post!

    1. Me too! Every fashion lovers bible :)

  3. I love their sweet smelling soft glossy pages feeling and holding those thick International editions makes me feel as if I would like to cocoon my body within their colorfull pages.


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