'Essie Bikini So Teeny' Polka Dot Nails!


Hey everyone! 
Its easy to say I was delighted when I seen that Essie polishes were going for as little as €2.99 on fragrancedirect.co.uk! I already own one, a silver colour, so I chose this gorgeous cornflower blue and also a bright orange. I found the polish quite opaque, so I applied 2 coats- but as you can see from the pictures above, perhaps a third coat would of been needed. I've had quite a bit of chipping since applying it about 4 days ago, but that's understandable! I love how matte and shiny it is. I decided to throw in a bit of the polka dot bikini look and painted little white dots on my nails. This is super easy, using a dotting tool, or even the tip of a bobby pin.

I hope you like this post, let me know if you try the dotted look out!

What do you think of Essie polishes? 
-Rachel x


  1. Your nails are adorable! I haven't tried dots but I always love it on other people.


    1. Thank you! Its quite cute and vintage looking, you should try it!


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