I Am More Than What I Wear


Fashion is often seen as frivolous. A waste of time. Those interested in fashion are often seen as dim. But fashion is more than just something we throw on to cover our bodies with. It's more than people obsessing over labels. In my eyes, the fashion industry is much more than that (something I wrote a small personal piece about here). For many fashion is a form of expression and, not only that, but a community too. As Blair Waldorf famously said in Gossip Girl;

But I am more than what I wear.

I am more than the clothes on my body.

I am more than my choice of brands.

And more importantly, my knowledge extends way further than my knowledge of current trends.

I love to read. Magazines, classic books, YA novels, blog posts. I'm fascinated by astrology and once made a notebook full of information about sun signs and rising signs and the like. I've probably seen every period drama on TV (particularly of the BBC and ITV sort- Great Expectations being my all time favourite). I like to travel, and in my seventeen years of living, I've visited 8 countries and taken 28 flights. I've a really good memory, hence why I always did well in secondary school. I may be into fashion, but it is not the only interest that defines me. 

Liking fashion doesn't make me snobby, or dimwitted. It doesn't mean I'm materialistic- I do care about things other than Celine handbags and Jimmy Choos, you know. It means I'm creative, artistic and passionate. It means I'm willing to work hard for a place in a challenging industry that's constantly growing and creating new standards. 

So go ahead and judge me on what I'm wearing at first glance, but make sure you dig a little deeper too. You may be surprised by what you find.

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