NYX Bronzer & Blusher Combo Review


 Hey everyone,

It's been ages since my last beauty product review- I know! To be completely honest, I'd gone off beauty blogging completely. All the posts I'd been reading were the same, and writing about makeup was actually starting to bore me. Not only that, but I hadn't bought any new products in a while, so nothing was making me excited. However in the last few weeks I've been watching countless makeup tutorials and videos, so I was inspired to write a beauty post again- woo! For a while my blog was almost exactly half beauty, half fashion, and really, it took me a while to find my 'niche'. I now know that fashion is where my heart lies, but I can definitely see the odd beauty post making an appearance here every now and then. Just not as much as this time last year!

 The NYX Bronzer & Blusher Combos* have become a staple item in my (weekend) makeup routine in the past few months. First of all, the packaging is super pretty and compact, making it perfect for bringing it around on the go. I have two different shades, and I honestly love them both- Sunrise In Bali and Marbella. These little gems are extremely pigmented, which is one of my favourite things about NYX products. For just €10.99, you get two high quality products in one little compact! Not only that, but they have great lasting power, and there are 5 shades to choose from. The bronzer in Sunrise In Bali is slightly too dark for my skin tone, but looks beautiful when applied with a light hand. The blusher reminds me a little bit of Nars Orgasm, just half the price! Marbella is brilliant for every day wear as it's alot lighter.

Sunrise In Bali:

You can buy NYX cosmetics online here, or visit your nearest stockist!

What are your favourite NYX products?

-Rachel x


  1. Those blushes look stunning! Fab photos too btw:)
    Emma xo | missemmalouise12.blogspot.ie

  2. I really like the look of sunrise in Ball :-) NYX is becoming one of my favourite brands lately but I haven't tried these yet x


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