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Hey everyone,

Exams are finally over, which means I'm finally free for a week! I have been waiting for this week for so long, not only because of the lack of school, but also because of my upcoming trip to London. Myself and my mam had been planning to go over as a sort of post-mocks/birthday present (I turned 17 on Saturday FYI), and London Fashion Week just happened to be on at the same time. I applied for a tonne of invites, expecting to receive none, and all of a sudden my 3 day trip is set to be a whirlwind weekend! I almost have to pinch myself when I think about it. It's been my dream to go since forever, and I still can't believe I'm actually going. I have yet to decide what shows I'm heading to, as we're trying to fit in some tourist-y bits too, but it's set to be a good weekend without doubt/

I'm going to be posting about the shows I've been to, the clothes I'm wearing and the street style, but I thought I'd start off my LFW series with a wishlist. I'm only going to be there for the first two days of fashion week, but I'm also heading to a pre-LFW party. I've been trying to piece together some outfits in my head and it's proving to be a hard choice, so I decided to put together a wishlist of things I'd love to be wearing on the streets of London this season.

london fashion week wishlist

If it's not pretty clear from the collage above- I absolutely adore faux fur. I've been lusting after a fluffy bag and shoes for ages now. They're so Clueless inspired, and remind me of this post I wrote last year. I already own a black faux fur coat but this houndstooth printed one is so different and beautiful. Something quite basic that I've been longing for is a pair of boyfriend jeans. I'm not really a big jeans wearer, but I love my mom jeans, and a pair of ripped boyfriend ones are the next ones on my list. A new pair of sunglasses is a must have for that pesky sun that's trying to break through these awful February skies, and these Prada ones are beautifully out of my price range... I'm also in need of a new fedora hat like this one from H&M. Lastly, a 70s-esque suede tan skirt and a strawberry clutch bag are also something I'd love to wear- and that New Look clutch is adorable!

What have you been lusting after this month?

-Rachel x


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