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Hey everyone,

First of all, I can't believe it's been 5 days since I last posted! This week has been so hectic with events and homework deadlines, so I really need to try manage everything a little bit better! I recently popped into Penneys for a much needed shopping trip. Do you ever get those days when you're just itching to brows the rails? Well, it was certainly one of those days- so myself and my mam headed to Penneys to check out the new stock. I picked up a good few bits for way under €50- bargain! I have a new outfit post coming up soon in which I'm wearing a few of the items, so stay tuned! Unfortunately, Ireland seems to be a bit muddled with the weather lately- it was roasting out today, so I might have to wait a week or two before digging out the more warmer pieces. Excuse the image quality- it was a pretty dark and dismal day when I took them!

Grey boots- €18
Every year I buy a new pair of Winter boots, and these pair are practically stylish and ridiculously low priced! Cleated soles and chunky heels make up most of my shoe-drobe, but I actually have never owned a grey pair of shoes before. This is a refreshing change!

Blanket scarf- €7:
The 'blanket scarf' was first seen by Burberry this season, and it's a trend I've fallen in love with. I absolutely adore the red tartan (which is making another comeback) but it' also reversible! The other side is monochrome houndstooth print. It's also super cozy!

Silver cuff- €3;
This was a bit of a last minute purchase but I thought it would look perfect with an outfit I was planning. It's a bit of an awkward fit on my arm but for the price, what's not to love?

Peplum floral dress- €7:
My favourite bargain from the haul is definitely this beautiful black and white dress- €7! The bottom-peplum was really popular recently so although I'm late to the trend, it's such a wearable dress with so many different styling possibilities. 

Gingham skirt- €9;
Last but not least, another monochrome piece! After I purchased this skirt, I noticed that gingham appeared on numerous catwalks at New York Fashion Week this season! This skirt is super flattering and it would look great with a bright pop of colour in the form of a sweater or a jacket.

So there you have it! See anything you like? Have you picked up anything from Penneys/Primark lately?
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  1. So many gorgeous items! Those boots are stunning & I LOVE how the scarf has two prints! :)

    Style Sunrise☀


  2. I haven't been in so long! Those boots are gorgeous
    Love Vicki x

  3. The scarf and gingham skirt are gorgeous! Will have to keep my eye out for them :') x

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming ♥

    1. Do! I was there recently enough anyways :)

  4. Them boots are amazing! Same with that skirt! Definitely gonna get them next time i pop into Penneys!

    Nadine @

  5. Really love the blanket scarves and tartan that is in so I really must invest in one :-) Love your penneys haul some fab picks in there x

  6. I love that dress!

  7. Didn't you do well!

    That dress is gorgeous, can't believe the price!

  8. I have the scarf and its the softest thing ever!
    Emma xo |

  9. I need the bracelet! It reminds me of wonder woman.

  10. Love everything you got, i need that scarf! x

  11. Amazing booties and scarf! love your purchases :)

    Kisses, Kali
    | Kali's inspiration board |


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