Nails Of The Day: 'Glazed Cobalt'


Hey everyone,

Today's post is quite short and sweet, but I thought I'd share with you these beautiful blue nails I wore last week (yes, I do realise the title of this post is actually a bit of a white lie..). I recently received the new Max Factor gel shine lacquer collection* in the post and I was super excited as the theme is 'modern glamour'. The collection features some fabulous 1950's reds, 70's blues, 80s brights and 90s shades of burgundy for a bit of grunge. As I'm sure you all know by now, I am a BIG vintage fan!

The shade I'm wearing in pictures is 'glazed cobalt*'- a perfectly glamorous cobalt blue. I absolutely loved the shine and vibrance from these polishes, but I must admit I was quite disappointed with the longevity. Even with a top coat, they chipped after a day! Perfect for nail art or those who change their nails regularly, but this polish does not score high on the long wearing nails scale, especially as it's supposed to be a 'gel like' nail polish. For the lovely packaging and shades though, the €10.99 can almost be justified. Almost.  

Are you a Max Factor fan? What have you been wearing on your nails lately?

-Rachel x


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