5 Reasons Why I Love Downton Abbey


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Hey everyone,

It has come to my attention lately that I am ridiculously obsessed with the British TV show, Downton Abbey. My love affair for Downton began this Summer, when I spontaneously decided I'd try watching an episode. Which led to 2 more episodes. Which led to all 4 seasons. My entire Summer summed up in one word is: Downton. Now that season five has just begun, I've decided to throw together a little humorous post (in the most serious way) about what it is about Downton that makes me so excited when the renowned theme song begins every Sunday. 

1. The Clothes:
Ok, this one is a bit of a predictable one- I am a fashion blogger, after all! And even though I admit that Mary's wardrobe can be a tad drab, there's something about the female characters' clothes that makes me weak to the knees. If I could pull off a beaded drop-waist dress every day, I'd totally wear one. I also find it fascinating to see the evolution of their wardrobe as time progresses- from pre-World War I full-length gowns, to the flapper dresses from the roaring twenties worn in the most recent episodes. That's my Halloween costume sorted!
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2. The Men:
There's no denying that some of the male characters on Downton are extremely handsome, even if some of them have died along the way.. Perhaps Tom doesn't bring out the best in Irish people (we're not all part of the IRA!) I still wouldn't say no if he came knocking on my door!
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3. The Accents:
I have this weird thing for certain English accents and the ones in Downton make me swoon (ironically, since I'm Irish and proud and what not). They all talk ever so polite and if one could speak as exquisite as the Crawleys, one would be immensely happy. (see what I did there?)
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4. The Dowager Countess:
I loved Maggie Smith in Harry Potter, and by god do I love her even more in this. Her one liners never fail to make me burst out laughing, and she's so witty and sarcastic- I adore her! The Dowager definitely adds a bit of humour to the historical series, but she can also be extremely kindhearted and understanding. I have noticed she seems to wear the same purple dress all the time, but sure when you've got that much sass, who cares?
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5. The Dramatic Lifestyle:
Each week at Downton Abbey brings something new, whether it's a death, birth, marriage or proposal- and I love it. A lot of it is completely unrealistic but on a Sunday night, there's nothing I want more than an escape from the idea of a Monday morning looming ahead. Not even that, but the simple things in their life make me wish I lived in the 1920's- luncheon on Saturday in the drawing room, or a trip to London to stay with Aunt Rosamund- can life get any better than that?
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So there you have it! A bit of an odd post for a Monday, but an insight into my crazy obsession with Downton Abbey all the same.

Are you a fan of Downton? What do you like about it?

-Rachel x


  1. Love this post! I wish I lived in 1920 just to wear the dresses :P

  2. Love this post, Downton is so good! I agree with everything you've said. The clothes are amazing - I really love what Rose is wearing at the moment.
    The Downton characters are so good as well - I do love maggie Smith, and also Anna and Bates as well as Lady Mary! x


  3. I love Maggie smith in this! Her dry humour is so good haha
    Love Victoriajanex

  4. Great post! I've missed the last season so I need to go back and give it another go!


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