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Hey everyone!

So I was requested to do a 'whats in my makeup bag' post, however that was proving to be trouble as;
1. I don't use a makeup bag [I have a storage unit instead- if you'd like to see a full post on my makeup storage, just say so!]
2. These kinda posts are better for videos, and trust me, the whole 'making a video' thing is NOT going so well with me at the moment.

So, instead I thought I'd write a post about the makeup items I use every day- well most days anyways. My look kind of changes from flicked out eyeliner to a more bronzed eye look, depending on my mood and also my outfit! But, most days I can be found with cat-eye eyeliner and lipstick. Below are the items I use on a daily basis!

Clockwise from top left [click item name to buy online];
1. Collection 2000 Pressed Powder- I like this powder simply because it hides all shine, and also keeps my makeup in place. It's quite cheap too, I can't remember how much exactly! I'm not quite sure if its a product I'd buy again, it wasn't amazing or anything, I just use it because its there! 

2. Catrice Absolute Eye Colour in shade 070 'Mr.Copper's Fields'- I absolutely adore this shade! It is probably my favorite eye shadow at the moment. The colour is very pigmented, there's minimal fallout and cheap as chips too. Although not in the picture above, I usually contour my eye after using this eyeshadow with the NYC Individual Eyes Compact.

4. Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in shade 200 soft beige- I know this product looks quite dark in the bottle [and even darker in the swatch below] but when buffed in correctly it really looks amazing! This is my second bottle of this foundation, and I love how it has a slight shimmer to it. I would like to try a lighter shade and see how it compares to my skin also. 

5. Essence Liquid Eyeliner- This has got to be my favorite liquid eyeliner of all time! I have tried SO many, whether cheap or expensive, and after reading a review of this product, and buying it, I have never turned back. It's durable, easy to apply and can be bought for under €2.50!

6. 17 Lasting Fix Lipstick in shade poncho pink-  As many of you of you may know, I have quite a fondness for lipstick.. Its probably the product I own the most of. I wear this one on a regular basis, as pink is my favorite colour anyways! It lasts for AGES, however it can be a bit drying on the lips so I usually apply lipbalm before and after. 

7. Avon Concealer Stick in shade fair- I love this concealer, and I have very little left, however Avon are no longer in business so I guess I'll have to find a new favorite! *cries*

left to right; 17 lipstick, Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation, Avon concealer stick, Essence liquid eyeliner, Catrice absolute eye colour.


left to right in both photos- Eco Tools eyeshadow brush, Real Techniques foundation brush, Eco Tools concealer brush

1. Eco Tools eyeshadow brush & concealer brush-  I got both these brushes in a pack of 6 however I use these two the most out of the set [as well as the blusher brush].

2. Real Techniques foundation brush- I love this brush, it has great durability and it's super soft, however I think I'd prefer the stippling brush, I must try it out!

Do you use any of these products on a daily basis? Would you like to see a post on my full makeup and skincare storage?

-Rachel x


  1. I have the Essence eyeliner too and it is so,so good!

  2. I've never tried Maybelline's mascara- just the classic CoverGirl Lashblast- but maybe I'll try it next time. :)
    xoxo Aimee


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