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Hey everyone!

I was recently contacted by the lovely Laura from mallzee.com. I was quite interested to check out the website, as I had heard quite alot about it on twitter!

Mallzee work with over 200 retailers [including Asos, Motel Rocks and Urban Outfitters!] to provide a personal shopping experience. YOU choose what kind of items you like and YOU choose what brands you like the best! Mallzee lets you build a wardrobe of items you like, and of course offers you the chance to buy them. 

Not only that, but there's a built in chat feature. This means you can share items with your friends on Facebook and let them help you decide if you should buy it or not by voting in a poll! I find this extremely handy as I'm personally quite indecisive when it comes to shopping. 

You also get 'paid' to shop. For every £3 you spend you get 1 Mallzee dollar to spend. Which means more clothes and rewards! I personally can't wait to try out this website, as I will be able to compare different items and prices at once, all in one place.

I currently have a VIP membership, and you can get one too! Simply click the link below- being VIP means you get exclusive new features and offers.

Lastly, Mallzee are currently running a Pinterest competition that I am entering just as we speak. I'll leave the details below, check it out if you want to win £100 to spend!

*Disclaimer; I was offered to create this post but I am not receiving compensation for it, simply helping spread the word.

-Rachel x

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