Say Goodbye to Google Reader Tomorrow, and Welcome Bloglovin!


Hey everyone!
Just a quick post seeing as this is quite an important issue. Google reader is shutting down tomorrow. I realise that some of you may follow my blog via Google Reader!! As of tomorrow, seeing as it will be gone, you can now follow my blog either TWO ways;

1. Follow via email;
This is probably the easiest way to follow my blog, especially if you don't want to create any new accounts or if you aren't a blogger! Simply go to the right hand side of my blog, scroll down a bit and input your email. You will then receive updates on new posts on my blog right into your email inbox.
2. Follow via Bloglovin';
It is a good idea to create a Bloglovin' account if you read a lot of blogs, like mine! You can read your blogs all in one place, and be notified when your favorite blogs add new posts to their blog. You can find my Bloglovin' at the right hand side of my blog also.
If you want to transfer the blogs you read from Google Reader to Bloglovin', simply click this link.

Still a bit confused about Bloglovin'? Read this post by notyourmommascookie!

Thanks's for your co-operation!

-Rachel x

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