Top 5 lipsticks [of 2012 anyways!]


As a young makeup junkie I love trying out the latest in beauty and makeup, but for a reasonable price. One of my favorite items of makeup has got to be lipstick. My style is quite retro vintage [gangster Nancy Sinatra as Lana Del Rey would say] and I believe lipstick can really make one of the biggest changes to your look [eyeliner comes a close second]. From matte to satin, stick to gloss, sheer to heavy, there are PLENTY of lipsticks on the market to choose from.

[left to right in order of appearance below]

My favorite lipsticks [of 2012] are;

1. Rimmel London Matte Lasting Finish by Kate Moss: I have seen sooo many reviews for this collection and it just shows how popular they are! For only €6 or something it really it my favorite lipstick. I have shade 107 which is a deep berry tone [you can see me wearing it in alot of my outfit of the days]. I literally wear it all the time, but not going to school :p Its matte and lasts through out the day without any signs of wearing. It also doesn't dry up your lips either, which is always a good thing! Definitely 5/5 for me.

2. Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Moss: No, this is not the same as the lipstick above. This is the older collection, which I don't think consists entirely of matte lipsticks. I own shade 20, a bright magenta pink. This too really does have a lasting finish and even pasts the having-a-drink test without smudging or fading! It doesn't look as matte as the one above and looks quite wet. Yet again, a very bright lipstick that I don't wear to school :p

3. 17 Lasting Fix Lipstick: Why is it that all these lipstick collections have the word lasting in them? ANYWAYS I only recently bought this lipstick over Christmas, however I am in love already. It is satin but not sheer, and leaves your lips nice and moisturised. I bought the shade 'poncho pink' which is a bright baby pink.

4. Essence [shade 03, sparkling angel]: I like Essence lipsticks honestly for the fact that they are only about €3. This shade is a mixture between a copper and red, with flecks of gold running through it. Although it doesn;t have that 'lasting finish' like the others, it's perfect for a more natural look [i.e school].

5. Essence [shade 42, fairytale]: This is basically the same as the one above, but it doesn't have glitter, and when applied its a soft rusty pink. I wear this when I do my eyeliner quite bold because it is so natural.

[from left to right] Rimmel shade 107, Rimmel shade 20, Essence 03, Essence 42, 17 poncho pink

[same order as above]

- Rachel x


  1. I agree, lipsticks can really change the vibe of any outfit. It is one of a girl's most important accessories! These lipsticks are gorgeous, my favourite of the above, judging by your hand, would be the Rimmel shade 20. It looks very pink and girly!

    1. Yes its gorgeous! I don't wear it too often because of that reason. My mam actually bought it but I 'borrowed' it from her and haven't given it back yet!

  2. Love your style lady. Your outfit posts are my favorite for sure.


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