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Morning everyone!

I bought this concealer a while ago and actually forgot to write a review. Well, here I am now! I have a mixed opinion on this concealer to be honest.
The packaging is simple and plain, and I dislike that the writing and information is in grey, as it's bound to fade after a while, and there's nothing worse than grubby-but-not-old looking products.

Consistency wise, it's really soft and creamy, which is what I definitely look for in a good concealer. It's easy to blend and it's also quite pale, which I really like seeing as I'm so pale myself. It's a bit like a highlighter when applied under the eyes- which is particularly helpful on those early school mornings!

HOWEVER it does say it last for '16 hours'. WRONG. I don't think it even lasts 4 hours let alone 16! It seems to disappear into the skin, seeing as it is really pale and thin. I was not impressed. I had to do a touch up twice in a school day because it kept rubbing off. At €3, it's not bad for the price it is but I don't think I'll be buying it again.

Rating; 2/5

-Rachel x


  1. Oh I just bought it today. Should have read your review before. Couldn't make it to the MAC store and in time and did go for a cheaper version.
    Will try it out tomorrow though!


    1. Oh! Ill read your review and see what you think of it . I heardthe Collection 2000 concealer is fab but really cheap, I need to try it out!


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