My blogging New Years resolutions


Have I even said Happy New Years yet?! Well Happy New Years everyone! Lets hope 2013 is a good one. I read a post on Leanne Woodfull's blog, ( and got inspired to write this post. My blogging resolutions for 2013 are;

1. Strip back my blog- I've decided naybe it looks a bit too fussy, and unoriginal. There are plenty of people using this design probably and I want my blog to look a bit more unique.

2. Post more often!- I've realised my lack of posting has just come down to sheer laziness. I have my Junior Cert this year so blogging should help me take my mind off things (without getting distracted of course).

3. Create a variety of different posts- (without my blog getting messy). All I seem to post are my nails and outfits of the day. I'm going to start posting recipes (I make alot of cupcakes ok), beauty and skincare reviews, and basically whatever comes to mind!

4. Start using a camera, rather than my ipod- I don't even HAVE my own camera but we have a silver digital camera for the whole family (not that we use it much but anyways, it will get its uses now!) so I think it would be best to try that out instead.

What are your blogging resolutions, if you have any? I don't even know if anyone reads my blog- please tell me if you are? Are all my thoughts and opinion posting realy just a waste of my not-so-valuable time?

- Rachel x


  1. Those are some great goals!! Let eme know if you need any help :)



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