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Hey everyone!

I decided to pop into Lush in Dublin last week during my visit to town. I had read so many reviews on the products and have wanted to try some out for ages!

As soon as I stepped into the shop, a sweet aroma of flowers filled the room. The walls were colourful, with endless shelves of bathbombs and other bath and shower necessities. It took me a while to choose a bathbomb, but in the end I chose a pink one decorated with little flowers on top.

After paying, I was given a bag to put it in, and it was much bigger than the product itself, but i looked fab! The girl also threw in a Lush magazine, which I thought was really cool because it was printed like a newspaper.

The bathbomb itself fizzed immediately in the bath, and it too smelt delicous. It turned the water bright pink, and made my skin feel really soft.

I was so impressed with my product (however small) and I know I'll definitely be shopping there again soon! Perfect (and cheap) for christmas gifts for friends or family.

Rachel x

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