Let's Make Every Day Women's Day


On Tuesday 8th March I woke up to my find my social media news feeds flooded with quotes and pictures of strong and inspirational women. Of course, I jumped on that bandwagon and posted a 'girlboss' image that had been doing the rounds on Instagram all day. Many online publications had written pieces on 'women we ought to know' (and I found a fair few people to follow on Twitter because of them). 

We live in a world where many women are still getting paid less than men. We live in a world where women are told what not to wear for fear of looking 'provocative'. We live in a world where a young female artist can't get out of a contract, despite leaving her with no choice but to work with a man that abused her. We live in an unequal world- that's a well known fact. And yes, International Woman's Day (8th March) is always the perfect opportunity for us to celebrate and raise awareness for women.

But why wait for one particular day of the year to celebrate women in society?

I'm making it a mission of mine to spend more time celebrating women this year, on any day of the year, and I'd love for you to join me. 

There's no denying that women are terrible for putting other women down. We gossip and criticize behind each other's backs. There's magazines aimed at women that continue to body shame and pit women against each other. If you've ever read the comments on any female-related Facebook posts or Kim Kardashian's instagram, you'll know what I'm talking about. 

How can we ever gain equality with men when the girl-on-girl war still rages?

That's why I'm making it one of my 2016 goals to start sharing the love more this year. Tell a friend that she looks nice today. Leave a thoughtful comment on a stranger's Instagram. Tell the exhausted sales assistant to 'have a nice day', and mean it. Smile at the sad looking girl on the bus. Reply to the body shaming comments on Facebook, in an articulate and intelligent manner. Let's make every day women's day.

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