July Instagram Diary


  1. The view from my bedroom in the little village we stayed in near the city of Tours in France. I just thought the ivy around the window looked super artsy, in all honestly...
  2. My outfit for Festival Beauregard- I've been loving flares recently, and I picked these up in a Dublin market. They're so comfortable! I also wore my Alice Halliday headpiece and Penneys accessories. 
  3. Seeing Florence + The Machine live at the festival for the first time was UH-MAZING. I've been a fan for years, and we managed to get front row. It was such a crazy but wonderful experience, and French music festivals beat Irish ones by a mile!
  4. An outfit I styled on one of the first days of my fashion styling internship with Siopaella. I fell in love with this little black dress and Carvela heels instantly. 
  5. Another outfit I styled with Siopaella- I'm not usually a green fan but I really like this combo!
  6. One of my looks from sunny Lisbon.. We were off to the beach that day so I wanted something easy to throw on over my bikini, and this bardot style top from Penneys is my new favorite.
  7. A snap of the ceiling of our apartment. The interior was absolutely amazing, and I have a slight obsession with beautiful ceilings...
  8. Looking out onto the beach at Cascais, and I remember thinking in that moment how scary the vastness of the sea is. Beautiful, alright, but frightening!
  9. A small haul from our one day of shopping in Lisbon- I headed straight to Stradivarius and Pull & Bear as I always find their clothes over there are much cheaper! I'll have an outfit up soon with these two pieces, so watch this space...
  10. I went to the Parfois Backstage dinner last week, and this was one of my favorite pieces from the new F/W collection. Sequin clutches? Yes please!
  11. A coffee date with my mam on a rainy afternoon- one of the best caramel macchiatos I've had to be honest.
  12. Last but not least, a #FromWhereIStand shot of my look- which will also be appearing on my blog very soon!
What have you been up to this month?

-Rachel x


  1. Looks like you had an awesome July! Love the festival outfit, and that's awesome seeing Florence + the Machine. I heard she is awesome live. I love that jean skirt as well! I've been trying to find the perfect one lately but have had no such luck!

    Peace & Love // Celestralite

    1. It was ahh! I got mine in Stradivarius and its so comfy!

  2. Your insta feed for July was amazing!! That beach in Cascais looks bloody amazing and the ceiling is beautiful omg!


    1. Aw thank you! Don't forget to follow me @ohheythererachel :)

  3. You saw florence too! I recently saw her at festival in June and died of happiness over and over. I wasn't able to get as close as you but hopefully someday soon I will. I also love the ceiling in #7. So beautiful!


    1. Ah no way! Im seeing her in an arena in september but there's something so special about festival performances in my opinion x


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