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Seeing as it's been over a week since I lasted posted, I figured a small explanation for my absence was due! My only reasoning is that: life happened. These past few weeks have been insanely busy for me- I got my exam results, got offered a place at university, and most recently had my debs last night (or prom for you non-Irish folk!). Not only that but my laptop has been extremely slow lately, I'm still interning three days a week and I've also had a few press events and nights out with friends. I've been fairly quiet on social media as a whole, really, but sometimes that's ok. As someone who is utterly obsessed with the likes of Twitter and Instagram, it's nice to take a step back every now and then!

Thankfully I'll have a lot to blog about next month, as September is when the new season collections come in, which I'm so excited for- I love Autumn so much, eek! I'm also looking forward to starting college, and seeing Florence + The Machine in early September. Basically, I have a lot to keep me busy!

What have you been up to lately?
-Rachel x


  1. hey rach! congrats again with your leaving cert results they were amazing and of course for being offered a place in your uni of choice :) i just got back from my holidays but i was in the philippines for a month after being away in america. not looking forward to leaving cert year *sighs*

    isha || twosistersbloggin.blogspot.com

  2. Well done for being offered a place at uni! I'm going to uni at the end of september too ad I've been do so much shopping for it recently, it's making me rather excited!


  3. Well done on your college place! You'll love it! Siobhan xx


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