Guest Post: DIY Banana Skin Treatments!


*I'm going to have a few guest posts by some fellow bloggers over the next two weeks- I hope you enjoy them! First up is a close friend of mine, Alex, who recently started her blog It's Just Alex- show her some love! - Rachel x

Hey my name is Alex and I'm the owner of the 'It's Just Alex' blog. I'm so happy to be guest posting on Rachel's blog and I hope you enjoy this post. I'm a 16 year old blogger that is also from Dublin, Ireland. I'm a beauty and fashion fanatic, as well as being book and TV show obsessed. My aim is to post helpful tips, tutorials and reviews so if this post interests you don't forget to check out my blog so you can find out more home remedies and beauty tips at I'll be writing a post on my latest skincare obsession, banana's. First I'll tell you how beneficial banana's are for your skin. Banana's are rich in moisture, they will repair dry skin as well as smoothen rough ageing skin. It also helps if you have acne-prone oily skin,  banana's can even control excess oil and reduce further breakouts. So I'm going to show you guys how to get healthier skin and a healthy snack too with just one banana.

Banana Spot Treatment
Banana peels are an excellent remedy for treating pimples. Just get your banana and directly apply the inside of a banana peel onto the area of troublesome skin to reduce inflammation and destroy bacteria. Rub the peel on the area for a few minutes until the inside of the banana peel turns slightly brown. Personally, after using the banana peel I can see the difference almost immediately after washing it off. I'd recommend doing this daily if you can as it is great for your skin and also will commit you to eating at least one banana a day which is also good.

Banana Face Mask
If you've got oily greasy skin, use a simple banana face mask with lemon juice and honey. Banana is a great exfoliant which helps get rid of excess oil on the skin's surface. It also contains and contains moisture, potassium and vitamins E and C which all encourage clear glowing skin. To make this mask you simply follow theses steps.
  1. Mash one half of a banana with the back of a fork in a bowl until there are no big lumps.
  2. Then add 1 tablespoon of  honey to the mixture
  3. Finish off with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice.

I find it easiest to apply this face mask with a flat foundation brush. Leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes, rinse with warm water and pat your face dry. I'd recommend you use the banana peel first as you want to use it when it's freshly peeled, if you leave there while you wait to wash off the mask it wouldn't be as beneficial.

But don't let the other half of that banana go to waste as they're great, not just for skin but overall health as well. You can just eat the other half or even throw it into a blender with other some other fruits to make a smoothie! I hope you enjoyed reading my guest post and take the time to try this skin treatment out because it is super quick and easy and has helped me get rid of some pimples way faster than usual. 

Thanks for reading.

*P.S- Wanna write a guest post for my blog? Email me asap with an idea!

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